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It’s a New Year!


New Year

There are three things that happen at this time every year. We all look back, we all look forward and we think about resolutions. We don’t all make New Year’s Resolutions but you have to admit that we all think of what we could be doing better or what needs to be cut out of our lives. My yearly goals are usually the same ones each year: 1) lose weight, get physically healthy and 2) read God’s Word regularly and get spiritually healthy. Pretty common and ordinary goals. This is what I need – physical and spiritual daily bread. I don’t need to learn to speak Russian or run a marathon. Just daily nourishment for body and soul. Shouldn’t be too hard, yet I will fail at this repeatedly Then I will pick myself up and get back to work in a never-ending cycle. Sound depressing and futile? Then you are not listening closely enough for the victory is in the daily battle itself. Failure only makes any success sweeter. Forgetfulness allows me to lose myself in memories of better days and inspires me to work harder in the present day. I do not worry about what went wrong. Rather, I will use those missteps as lessons to learn from. Admittedly, I wish some of those lessons had not been so costly, but it is what it is.

New Year, new lessons.

New Year, new mistakes.

New Year, new mercies for those mistakes.

New Year, new minutes to spend with the One who gives me each minute.

So here we go again. For good, for bad, for all the marbles, I will strive to do better, learn from my inevitable screw-ups, always finding a place at my Savior’s feet where love never ends.

I wrote these words a long time ago as part of a larger piece. I found myself humming these words today as I thought about Christ and all that He put up with from me in the past year:

And only when I turn my eyes to the beauty of your face

Do I find compassion there,

Mixed with the radiance of grace.

You who leads the stars

In a perfect dance of time,

I love that you still applaud

These clumsy steps of mine.

Just love that you still applaud

These clumsy steps of mine.