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A Day Off


I’m enjoying having a day off on Martin Luther King Jr. day. As I eat lunch I am watching a documentary about this man and his amazing vision for our country’s future. A commercial comes on and I really don’t care how nice my laundry can smell so I direct my attention out the window at the bird feeders in my backyard.



There hasn’t been much activity there this winter due to warmer than normal temps but we had some snow yesterday and the thermometer has been dropping.


Here they come! It’s hard to get a decent shot from my kitchen window but I’m seeing sparrows, finches, juncos and one big fat mourning dove peacefully mingling together to share a meal. There were some cardinals, nuthatches and wrens but I think they are camera shy, or I don’t have to patience to wait for them to pose, more likely.


They seem to get MLK Jr’s message but we are still confused about it. Sad. Things have changed but much is still the same.


My command is this: Love one another as I have loved you.”

John  15:12

Think Peace, Live love.