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Summer Memories

I remember when we ….images (7)


Danced and twirled with sparklers in each hand

Round and round ‘til we could hardly standimages (12)

Running barefoot, splashing across the brook

Slipped on mossy rocks ‘cause we just forgot to look

We were too busy watching minnows as they flit through shallow pools

Playing leapfrog and not caring if we look like fools


Trips down the shore, a summer’s day planned

seashells in plastic pails, our names in the sandimages (8)

The castles that we built were washed away by high tide

Just as well, we were sunburnt, tired but satisfied

Back home we would run through the water from hoses

As ice pops dripped down our chins and tickled our noses


We tried to save every baby bird that fell from its nest

We held nightly firefly catching contestschildhood love

We ran through each other’s yards with secrets to tell

From the time we finished breakfast till the dinner bell

When the smell of lighter fluid and hot dogs roasting

Meant backyard cookouts and marshmallow toasting


images (10)We stayed up past bedtime yet woke up at first light

We sang silly songs, built forts and rode our bikes

We played kickball right there in the middle of the street

Picked at scabby knees and splinters in our feet

We walked to the town pool and swam all day

We gathered for the fireworks and marched in parades


I think I won a goldfish at a local carnival

I loved to watch the square dancers skirts as they swirledimages (14)

As the fiddler played and us kids tried to learn

The complicated steps of the spins and turns

The Kiwanis Carnival and the Fireman’s Ball

Were summertime traditions for one and all




I remember one summer when sparkler dancing was done

And firefly catching didn’t seem to be quite so much fun

Summer days softly, sweetly started to fade

As much as we valiantly tried to delay

Now I stand on the shore of those childhood dreams

Summer leaves fall and are swept away by the stream

A piece of me goes with them, washed away by the tide

And summer sails off as the years slip by.

images (11)