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Love Looks Like…

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When I was a childchildhood love

Love was kittens and puppies

And splashing in puddles

Love was a summer’s day

On my bike that went on forever

Love was making cookies with mom

Or taking walks with dad

And looking up into their faces

Knowing I was safe


When I was a teen

Love was sweet stolen kissesfeet in love

In darkened movie theaters

Love was best friend sleepovers

And secrets by flashlight

Love was romantic daydreams

And summertime romance


When I was an adult

Love was meeting that person

Who filled all my empty placeshands on tracks

Love was a best friend forever

That I felt free to laugh or cry with

Love was that one special person

To complete a new family circle


Now as a wife love is in one

who has seen all my darkness

And still stands beside me

And now as a mom love is a constantfather child hands

giving away of my heart and yet

there is always more to give


Now I thought I understood how love looks

But of all the many faces of love

That I’ve been blessed to know

There’s one I almost missed

A love that had me before I recognized it

A love that had me before I returned it

A love that had me before I received it

A love in the shape of a cross

love looks like...




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