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If God is Love….

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If God is love….what does that mean to me?


…God is love… John 4:16b

Probably the most overused Bible quotes of all time, second only to John 3:16. But a most important quote. It tells me that God truly does love me because it is His very nature to love. He can’t not love.

Someone once explained the extant of God’s love to me like this:

You know how, when you visit a family with a toddler in it, they always have those big clunky crayons drawings hanging on the refrigerator? If you are parent, then you are most likely guilty of this too. It’s a magical moment when your child first makes that connection that the purple thing in his hands will create big fat lines when he runs it against paper (hopefully not the wall!), so he colors purple lines on every scrap of paper he can find. The parents, being understandably proud, will hang it on the fridge for everyone to admire. If you see this in a friend’s house, I would recommend not commenting negatively as it tends to upset parents. Comments such as, “ Ooh, I see Johnny found the red crayon” are met with angry glares and a retort along the lines of “Hey, that’s my kid’s first coloring page” .

Can you imagine what God’s refrigerator must look like? He might have Michelangelo’s work hanging from a magnet. Or mine. Or yours. An angel gets thirsty and asks God for a cold drink. “Help yourself”, God replies. As the angel approaches the fridge, he sees my artwork, front and center of God’s fridge. “What is that?” the angel will cry. “Lord, you could have Picasso or Monet’s work there and you choose that?” he will ask incredulously. And God will look that angel straight in the eye and say, “Hey, that’s my kid’s!”

That’s how much I am loved.  You too.

god's love


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