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Broken Stones


I found this staircase on a walk thru the woods

Broken stone,

Now overgrown.

Just some steps so carefully placed

By forgotten hands,

Who worked this land.

Meant to help the hiker up the trail

And though unkempt,

Saved my misstep.

Now, I know that some stones may cause men to stumble

And a rock can make them fall

But, these stones reminded me of the precious cornerstone

A sure foundation for all.

And also of the living stones,

a people of God’s home,

mercy, love and grace they’ve known,

mercy, love and grace they’ve shown.

So I walked through the trees along the stream

A little help on the trail,

Should my feet fail.

Wherever the trail, however steep the path

I thank you, Lord, for broken stones,

Who let me know I am not alone.

For broken souls who know of pain

Yet count their losses as a gain.

those who’ve walked the path beside me

and held my hand so lovingly.

1 Peter 2: 1-12