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REmember When…



I know that Jesus loves me

though I’ve no idea why

I know that my Savior loves me

it’s a fact I can’t deny.

These words came to me as I was drifting off to sleep. I started to think about how , as a child, I had no problems living within the reality of that love. Yet now, as an adult, I wrestled with my worthiness of it.

Remember when we were young and we sang songs like…

Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.”

…and those word made sense to us? Yet at the same time we couldn’t get a handle on how making two loops with our shoe laces and twisting them together kept our shoes on. Today we tie those laces over and over but the act has long lost it’s magic. And the love of Christ has lost some of it’s sparkle.

Remember when we were young and rainbows meant that God loved us? We smiled and ran down the street thinking we could find the end of that bow. It didn’t seem strange at all  that we should think in such ways. Yet today the idea of being loved by the maker of rainbows seems doubtful. Sometimes we even deny it. “No” we say, “not me, maybe that guy over there who is so much more spiritual than I, but not me.”

Remember when we were young and we prayed that Jesus would be our friend and how happy and safe that made us feel. But, today the news programs talk of death and destruction on such a massive scale that we feel overwhelmed and powerless. The idea of a loving God seems quaint rather than safe. We live now with fears that we couldn’t even imagine back then. Yet we survive, just barely.

Shredding our fears and doubts like so many cobwebs, God reaches across the great divide that we have opened between ourselves and Heaven. Jesus weeps for us, as He wept for Jerusalem, when our foolish minds wander farther and farther away from Him. As the desperation of our situation deepened, Christ did the unthinkable and stretched Himself out against that cross. The distance is bridged and we can come Home. His love is the ropes and planks and the sheer steel of that bridge and He beckons us towards Himself.

If there is one thing that I have learned as I try to live as a Christ follower, it’s that love is messy and will cost us everything. Jesus held nothing back. He gave of Himself completely even knowing that we cannot reciprocate. But we can emulate. As you start to love, you start to stand again, trembling with that childlike anticipation as you grasp the hand of Eternity. You held that hand so trustingly when you were just a child and weren’t fazed by His glory. I’m relearning things like trust and love and hope. I’m catching little glimpses of that glory as I reach for His hands.

Remember when…..










2 thoughts on “REmember When…

  1. I’m really e courage by your posts. Please keep posting as I look forward daily. Lovely blog 💚💛

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