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A Common Problem

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P1000258His problem was a common one. He couldn’t resist temptation. I’m sure he didn’t look much different from his friends on the outside. But inside, well, that was a different story. They trusted him to handle the money for their little group, but he was already stealing from the stash. I don’t think his friends even suspected his duplicity until he marched the authorities up to his boss to have him arrested on trumped up charges. It was all done for a few coins, thirty in all.

Some say that Judas was a young patriotic Jew who, in his rush to restore the Jewish nation, decided he couldn’t wait for Jesus to act any longer. He probably felt that he had wasted enough time with this traveling preacher and they weren’t getting anywhere. Perhaps that was a part of it, but Scripture records his greed more than his impatience. He had been cooling his heels for three years with Jesus but he just couldn’t resist the sound of jingling coins.

It’s important to note that he was not alone in his final treacherous act. He allowed himself to be put under Satan’s complete control. I don’t think that true evil can surface without Satan’s involvement. As low as mankind can stoop, Satan stoops lower. Judas’ greed, impatience and unwillingness to let Christ’s teachings change him opened a door for Satan to enter.

I know that I have opened a few doors myself. Sometimes, I would just barely crack a door open. You know how it is when you want to peek in just far enough to see what it would be like. As hard as it is to admit, this is the behavior which puts us all in danger of a regular reoccurrence of betraying Christ.

So my problem is a common one. All the doors that lead to sin beckon me, yet there is another door that leads to Christ. If I can stay focused on that door while combining my yearnings with repentance, I just might have something worth hanging on to – the promise of salvation.

…Admitting my failures

…Acknowledging His sovereignty

…blending in His grace and mercy

…allowing my need for Him to overpower my life

…this is the road of a Christ follower in a difficult world.






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